I create small, beautiful, powerfully engaging, abstract and near-abstract works that together suggest a kind of kaleidoscopic stream of consciousness. The overall effect is of layered immediacies-quick moments of insight emerging from perhaps an even more variant, yet firm, intuition about color, gesture, and juxtaposition of form. My works fuse the essential act of looking with the freeing act of experimenting. They seem to come from an inclination to shift away from a direct line of vision to the richness of what teases and surprises at the periphery. As such the totality is refreshingly spontaneous and exquisitely unassuming.

Leo Balzano

Abstract Artist

Mywork is my passion and a source of personal fulfillment. Deeply engaged with the visible world, I look closely at what I encounter and respond to its qualities and suggestions by experimenting freely with both media and technique. I identify most of my work as mixed media, since it includes variable combinations of printmaking, image transfer, stamping, digital manipulation, and more.

I encourage all visitors to contact me if only to say hello. If you have any questions about an image please feel free to contact me.